Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pitchin' and Bitchin'

As the New Year cracks open like a ripe cantaloupe, I am committing to my new ethos - pitch, pitch, pitch.  As a professional and largely employed actor for 23 years, what I really want to do is be a clich√©.  I love directing and producing and have long felt that is the place for me as I move forth into the next couple of decades.
So, that means pitching like crazy this year.  The end goal before the 12th month of 2011 is to have sold a concept, show, or script.  It’s interesting trying to make what is essentially a lateral move.  Twenty three years of experience in a given industry is more often than not a big plus when trying to move through it, but it’s not always easy to convince those that need convincing of that.
Hopefully this year will be rife with meetings and schmoozing, wheeling and dealing.


Seth Kogare said...

ok well my name is Seth not that it really matters. i love your voice its awesome i also am really excited that you voiced in the death note movie L Change The World. i watched inuyasha from beginning to end. suffice it to say that i think you're awesome keep up the good work!!!!

laurenmarie32 said...

love the title. good luck with your goals! you seem like you'd be a good schmoozer :)

Anonymous said...

A really good smoozer! I'd love to see something with credits that say: screenplay by Richard Ian Cox! (with the exclamation point of course)

Jaella Nelson said...

Richard- obviously you rock- and I wish you the best of luck this year. You are a very talented voice actor and I hope you continue to be Inuyasha's voice. I was just watching some of the Final Act and found out that half the original English voice actors wont be coming back. It makes me really sad. It's like Inuyasha will never be the same, you know? You, David, Willow, and Monica are the only ones fit your guys' characters. But I will continue to watch Inuyasha in hopes that these new voice actors do a good job, though they will never compare to the originals.
Best of luck with everything in your career! Maybe we'll cross paths someday.
-Lala <3

Sessy said...

Love the blog love your work. I would love to be able to draw anime, I tried but my drawing look like a kindergartner did 'em. Oh well, watching is just as good and I will stick to my Gothic-ly depressing drawing and leave the anime to the professionals lol. Awesome that I found this blog.

Dorina said...

I have truly appreciated your voice acting in many of my favorite animes and series but I will have to say that that troubles dog eared demon will be forever implanted in my memory. I adore your work as inuyasha and i grew to love that voice and you perfectly personified this character that I followed through middle school until now as I finish grad school got married and now have my husband addicted to inuyasha. im not a big commentor but i have read your blog for a while and you seem like a great guy with a big heart just like inuyasha and im sure this is probavbly the lamest post you have ever seen but im a huge fan and i think you are awesome. i cant wait til you make it to the big time!! wishing you success happiness and joy