Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspire Me He Said . . .

Inspire me, he said.

Craning to the Heavens before faltering and crashing to Earth.
Picking himself up and dusting himself off, he looked skyward once more.

Inspire me, he said.

Reaching for the unreachable, he slipped, tripped, plummeted, fell on his knees.
One foot and then the next.
Breathe the breath.
Think the thought.
Dream the dream and try again. 
Fight for the light.
Need the need.
The passion of the doomed.
The spinning rock gives you one go.
So go.
One chance.
You can't stop time, can't stop the turning.
You can only ride the ride.

Inspire me, he said.

This time was different.
He didn't look up, didn't look down, didn't look out.
He looked within.
Lightening flashed, thunder clapped.
And kept on clapping.
The thousand points of light burning away.
The fire inside.
The need.

Inspire me, he said . . .


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Anonymous said...

Very insightful! I always read your blogs posts and I'm never disappointed.


Sonja Jade said...

You're very gifted with the written word; this is just as meaningful as the morning poem was.

Amy said...

That was truely wondeful. I love reading your poems. They are true works of art:)Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

What a nice poem!