Monday, November 25, 2013


The countdown begins from the first breath.
A life full of moments
Missed and taken
More missed than taken
Took to the lam from trying
In plain sight from the fear of success
Punch the clock
While the moments
To make a difference
To change the world
Convince ourselves that the job matters
More than the life missed
Breaths sucked in under the yoke of make believe money
It ain't nothing
It everything - to us
It's nothing to time
To sand
To space
To the vastness on the edge of which we
Keeping score
On an imaginary ledger of points in a game no-one wins
No escape
No egress
All stress
Make that difference
Be that change
For you
For the mirror
So the last breath you give
Holds as much promise as the first one
You took.