Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pitchin' and Bitchin'

As the New Year cracks open like a ripe cantaloupe, I am committing to my new ethos - pitch, pitch, pitch.  As a professional and largely employed actor for 23 years, what I really want to do is be a cliché.  I love directing and producing and have long felt that is the place for me as I move forth into the next couple of decades.
So, that means pitching like crazy this year.  The end goal before the 12th month of 2011 is to have sold a concept, show, or script.  It’s interesting trying to make what is essentially a lateral move.  Twenty three years of experience in a given industry is more often than not a big plus when trying to move through it, but it’s not always easy to convince those that need convincing of that.
Hopefully this year will be rife with meetings and schmoozing, wheeling and dealing.