Monday, September 12, 2011

Stop Stupiding Up the Planet

 Here's the thing - everybody's good at something.

Some of us are good at studying.

Some of us are good at sports - like gymnastics . . .

Others of us are good at eating bananas . . .

. . . okay, maybe that's a little much.

But the point is, we all have different strengths and talents.
Some people - scientists like Mr. Darwin for example -

- are good at being smart.

While people like Mr. Limbaugh -

- are really good at being pig-headed, ass-faced drug addicts who cater to the lowest common denominator and pander to the extremists by playing their own fears against them.

See?  Everyone's good at something.

Every time I read the comment sections on news articles about Evolution online, I get the sense that the people who are really good at eating bananas are fancying themselves as being on the same level as Mr. Darwin.
Well, they're not.

These people get scared because science seems to be contradicting certain deep-seeded beliefs.  They say that humans and apes are not descended from the same ancestor.

Although I wouldn't mind sharing an ancestor with the fetching Janet here - I'm sure you'll agree.

As a species, we have a lot of beliefs about nature and the Earth - some of them substantiated by science, some of them refuted.

The thing is however, that I can assure you that believing in something or not, doesn't change or make true or false something that exists or doesn't exist of its own accord.

My humble request would be that we let the people who are good at being smart take care of the smart stuff and led the banana eaters take care of the bananas.


Kagome Higurashi-Stille said...

I agree 110%. I just wish this was widely known. It's distressing to know that the majority of the world are hate mongering, blind-faithed, banana eating sacks of meat. Meh, we need more logical free thinkers.

Marie said...

I friggin love George Carlin

Lala Insane said...

Just remember: If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Great post! Looking forward to the next. :)
-Lala Insane <3

Mayumi Sinclair said...

I gotta say, the look on that lady's face doesn't say, "I'm good at eating bananas" to me. Well, she might be, but she's certainly not having a good time. Just saying.