Sunday, November 27, 2011


Rain falls from the heavens
Misting sheets like curtains
Wash the roads
The cars
The people's crowns.
It clouds his life
Depresses him
Uncleansing drizzle
Tripples, freezes his hands
A cigarette comforts him
Smoke wafting past his face
People hurry past hunched
Stooped in an effort to avoid
The downward plummet
Liquid clouds falling to Earth.
Buildings rush skyward
To meet the droplets.
Millions, like an invading force
Invading his world, his thoughts.
Consumed with Rain.


Kaylee said...

That was great. Did inspiration just hit you tonight, or the works of an over tired mind dreaming while awake? Either way, most excellent.

Amy said...

As always u can c the beauty that most of us ignore. Nicely done:)

Iris said...

I love this! Perfectly captured the fascinating moments of grey skies and contemplation I love so much..