Friday, November 4, 2011

What The Hell Is Wrong With People?

A bill was passed in Michigan today that started life as a piece of anti-bullying legislation despite the fact that it ended up being opposed by all of Michigan's State Democrats and the father of the boy who inspired the bill.  Why the opposition to the bill after wanting it to help the young people being bullied across Michigan?

Because of a last minute addition to the bill:

      "A last-minute addition to “Matt’s Safe School Law” protects “sincerely held” religious beliefs or moral convictions from being considered bullying. Critics feel the language will give anti-gay bullies a “license to bully” by providing an exception. ”This is just unconscionable,” said Matt’s father, Kevin Epling of East Lansing. “This is government-sanctioned bigotry.”"

In other words, if your religion tells you to hate people for being different, then it's a-okay to bully them.

This of course prompts me to ask:


Not that I don't like a choice bit of hatred . . . no, wait, scratch that - it's the opposite, right?  I really can't stand this level of government and church sponsored hatred.

There is something broken in our society these days, and it's not the other guys.  It's us.  You know why?

Because we as a society have no balls.

I really don't believe that the majority of folks are a**h***s - I truly think they are the minority - it's just that the majority seems to have absolutely no balls when it comes to standing up against them.

It's time for the rest of us - you know, the good ones - to stand up to these morons, these dunces, these sacks of human effluence, and tell them to shut up, sit down and let the smart ones drive for a while.


Anonymous said...

That's just wrong. they need to take that out ASAP. I am Christian, and even if i don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle, I would never bully someone for it. Those who would try to get away with bullying homosexual people on religious grounds are not being the Christians they claim to be. You don't have to agree with how they live, but by means should you bully them and make them feel like their lives aren't worth living. That is horrible and the most un-Christian thing you could do in this situation.


Smee said...

Makes me want to go to a deserted island and say "screw the government".

Alexandra said...

Typical politics. Create legislature to fight bullying while in the same breath, completely eradicate any good it could possibly bring about.

In this day and age you'd think we would have learned some respect for the uniqueness of everyone. Religion is a crutch! I'm an Atheist and I don't believe the "teachings" of a 2000 year old book should define our lives as individuals or as a society.

@Lauren How can you disagree with someone's lifestyle? If it's not your lifestyle, it's not your business!

Anonymous said...

I love the state of Michigan, fresh water, fresh air, fresh new crap they like to feed us! I live in MI and love the state, but the people in government are downright stupid. Adding a religious clause to a law that has nothing to do with religion, that takes the cake! Thanks for making people like me have to defend the state I love for another stupid reason.

The Negative said...

'Bigotry wrapped in prayer is STILL bigotry.'