Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm a Somebody!

My blog finally showed up on a Google search today!  I know that pretty much everything in every possible permutation shows up in a Google search, but neither of my blogs had in three days - hence my concern.  Imagine not showing up in a Google search that is supposed to locate any tiny thing that exists on the web - it's like not actually existing! For three days I lived in a sort of ether purgatory, able to see myself but being told I didn't exist. The funny thing is that if I search my specific and full name on Google I get some 38,000 hits, the vast majority of them actually me. That didn't mean a thing to me these last few days, all I cared about was finding my blogs online using Google, because I figured if I could find them then so could others and that meant someone might actually read this thing. Well there I am.  To quote Steve Martin upon finding his name in the phonebook in "The Jerk": "I'm a somebody!"

Today was a pretty good day.  My wife is pregnant again so we all went to her Doctor's appointment and learned that everything is doing well and is on track - yay! I had an audition, then we came home and ordered pizza (cheat day). When I went to pick up said pizza, I found myself in a verbal altercation with a real poseur on a motorbike.  This suburban "motorcycle enthusiast" jawed off at me and we each exchanged some choice words with the other from the comfort of our respective vehicles.  It ended with each of us driving off and me yelling back with an expletive infused parting shot.  I gotta tell you, I felt good that I stood my ground, but the language just sounded so ugly and harsh to me as I looked back and saw my daughter's empty car seat. I felt guilty for projecting those curses across the parking lot despite its near empty state.  I realized that while I feel poorly for having engaged the dimwit at the lowest level, I'm glad that it happened for the pause it gave me. Cursing is not an easy thing for me to stop doing as it flows from me so naturally and eloquently, but today I resolved to stop for my children's sake. I won't be as interesting or as much fun at dinner parties any more but the swearing has to stop or before long I'll find myself answering to a very displeased Kindergarten teacher.


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