Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is Becoming a Habit

This is the third day in a row that I've sat down to chisel words into my little spot on the web. Can't really say that this will be a particularly deep or long post given the late hour and my tired state of being.  I was up at 5:30 in the morning today so as to be on set on time. After 4 1/2 hours of sleep I dragged myself from bed and into the shower after a hearty, bleary-eyed bowl of granola. Whilst there I took the opportunity to wash myself and shave.  Always a good idea to run a razor blade over one's face while in a state of semi-consciousness - and starkers. There's also something adventurous about trying to dress yourself in the dark, especially as you try to be totally silent so your wife and daughter can keep sleeping - mocking you in their cozy slumbers.  I half expected to leave the house looking like I had been clothed by a drunken, blind, and surly chimp. Thankfully however I was soon on my way to work wearing a natty ensemble comprised mostly of denim and attitude (but mostly denim).

I arrived at work on time, and before long was through hair and makeup and whisked up to set sporting a tight little suit and a pair of black eyes courtesy of the makeup department - do not piss those people off. We were shooting the last day of a disaster-themed movie whose plot I am not at liberty to divulge, suffice it to say that stuff happens, then other stuff, and eventually the last stuff happens too. I was working on this show with a fabulous director whom I've known for years and am fortunate enough to work with fairly regularly, so the shoots are always fun and loose no matter what is happening around us. Today I was to be dressed in a haz-mat suit consisting of a set of paper coveralls and an antique looking gas-mask.  The suit I didn't mind so much but the mask . . . well that was something else entirely!  To describe it is to say it looked like something you'd see in a German fetish film - if you happen to watch those things unlike me who has only had their plots and thematic elements vividly described to him as well as the props inherent.  So as I was made to understand, this rubber mask with tiny eyeholes that smelled of fear for the most part was exactly like something you'd see somewhere in the most caustic and naughty corners of the internet.  It was extremely claustrophobic in that disturbing "rebreather", so I was very relieved that I didn't have to spend more time in it.  Of course that relief quickly subsided, because after completing that scene, the movie ended for me as today was the last shoot day.  It's always sad when a show comes to an end, not just because a job is finished but because you know you'll have to wait a while to work with those same people again. 

On a completely separate note (yes I can shift themes like this, after all no-one's reading this yet) I was thinking today about perhaps setting up a Facebook page.  Yes me, the most Facebook hating guy out there - actually I can't back that up, I'm sure there is a Government Official somewhere in Beijing that may hate Facebook more.  I was just thinking that if I set it up with no actual information or photos it would be an incredibly boring page, but at least I could network with work people, and on the bright side my stark page may appeal to the Amish.  I'm feeling more tech communicative the past few days since I set up this blog, today I even set up Messenger on my Blackberry - cracker jack! I'm absolutely positive this enthusiastic embrace of the electronic world will fade as surely as my enthusiasm for cleaning the litter box, but until then I drivel on! 

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