Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two Blogs in Two Days

Wow, I went from no blogs to two blogs in two days!  The truth is that this blog exists because I started thinking that the URL for my other blog, "thecoxblogmusingsofasuburbanite" was far too long, which of course it is!  So I created this blog, with the intention of copying over the posts from the other site and starting over with the more straight forward and self explanatory "richardcoxsblog".  However, now that I look at them, I think maybe I'll keep them both and find different uses for each of them - besides, Google can't find this one either which was the other reason for starting another blog.  Maybe this one could be the main blog, full of my day to day thoughts, and the musing blog could be where I try to be funny, but it just ends up looking like I'm trying too hard and then it gets awkward for everyone because the readers start to feel sorry for me, but I can sense their pity and then I start to get angry because I'm like "Who do they think they are to pity me, I should pity them!"  Well, I think we can all see where that's going . . .

The real problem is that I was worried that I wouldn't have enough to fill a blog as my life's not that exciting (at least not the parts that I'm willing to share with voyeuristic total strangers gawking at my intimate posts in various states of undress) but how am I going to keep up with two blogs?  I'd say the quality will be the first thing to go.  Then the passion for what I'm doing will dry up relative to the inevitable awesomeness of the new fall lineup.  Hmm, I've got to say that I'm surprised that Blogger's spell check didn't flag "awesomeness".  It just doesn't feel like a real-life genuine word, in fact that's the whole reason that I used it.  Of course just because a computer says a word is real or not real doesn't make it so - Microsoft Word will be the death of the proper British (and Canadian) spellings of words.

I will just have to soldier on with these two similar and yet totally different blogs (one's a little bit Country, the other's a little bit less Country, I mean it will listen to it but it won't go out of its way for it, not like the first one).  I would like both to be humorous, insightful, and of course massive internet smash successes.  I would also like at least one person to read them and pretend to like them.  I would also like a pony.

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